Cooking Dash Hack & Guide How to get extra gold, coins, supplies

Probably many of you cooks at home, but for some this may be too tiring. If you are one of those people who do not like stand at pots but you like to play, we have a great solution for you, namely, Cooking Dash game. Now you can combine cooking with fun.

Cooking Dash is arcade game, which will certainly interest those who like cooking and challenges. Game was created by Glu studio, known for many good mobile games. The present title is available for free for Android and iOS, you can download this game from Google Play and Apple App Store.

cooking dash 2016 gameplay

Maybe now let’s go to gameplay. While playing you play as a chef and your job is to serve customers who come to the restaurant. Interestingly, all your actions are watched on TV because you play in culinary show. You need to hurry, because if a dissatisfied customer leaves restaurant, then you do not earn coins that are necessary to upgrade of your restaurant. Initially, dishes are quite simple, but with time become more and more complicated and guest services more difficult. During playing, you will earn coins and gold which you can spend on gadgets, interior decorations, kitchen improvement, or even on ingredients for new dishes. Of course, number of received coins and gold may not rejoice you, but there are ways like Cooking Dash hacks that allow you to gain additional resources for free.

cooking dash 2016 gameplay android ios

Start each episode costs a little supplies, which are renewed from time to time. Of course, you can also use Cooking Dash cheats and bypass this limit. In kitchen you take care of preparing ingredients, cooking food and then issuing them for guests. As you can see everything on your head because you need to take care of everything. Game is really great, but you may annoy some shortages of resources, which can be eliminated by buying them in game store or using hack tools. In summary, at the beginning, game is quite simple and you can play without spending real money, but at higher levels, gold and coins can be more useful and then you can use Cooking Dash cheat to get them.

Certainly many players have wondered whether it is safe to use Cooking Dash cheat tools or codes. The answer is not clear cut because it depends on the tool you use. There are hack tools that require installation and here there is some risk that they can be dangerous to your smartphone or tablet. There are also other tools like an online generator that are more secure and usually simpler to use as all you do is just enter your game nickname, choose the operating system and the amount of resources you want to add. Unfortunately, these types of tools are usually protected against abuse, and to receive gems or coins, the user must first pass verification. Usually, the verification process is quite simple so it only takes a few minutes.

Cooking Dash hack – easy way to get extra resources

cooking dash 2016 hack

Most players would like to have unlimited free resources in games with micropayments, but it is not always possible. Currently popular among game developers is a F2P model, which you can download and play game for free but some items or virtual currency are available only for a fee. Cooking Dash is one such production. Many players are looking for ways to free gold or coins, but it is not that simple. Some people use Cooking Dash mod apk, but such applications are not trusted and is worth considering before you install it on your smartphone. One of the safest methods is Cooking Dash hack which does not interfere with operating system. If you would like to test this type of tool, you can download Cooking Dash cheats for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) from this website.


This is proven software which does not require root or jailbreak. Remember that you need to download from a trusted source, to avoid damage to your smartphone or tablet!